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( Disclosure Policy) is a personal blog written by Girlie, an accredited Real Estate Property Manager/ Dealer, Entrepreneur, Engineer, and a passionate mom & wife who aims to create opportunities and explore the goodness of life- in the Philippines. 

This policy is valid from 19 August 2008. blog accepts cash/paid advertising, sponsorship, insertions and/or information, and other forms of compensation. While the author of this blog commends, provides information, promotes and/ or feature products and services as a sole view and opinion, unless otherwise stated, any information on posts created for a specific product and services, particularly those tagged as paid advertisement/s, should be verified first with the manufacturer, provider, or the party concerned. and its author/s shall NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LIENS OR ENCUMBRANCES resulting to any damage, lost and/or misconception, particularly misrepresentation/s of the concerned post/s.


Best-Buys Real Properties are attended by our Accredited Licensed Brokers and Accredited Agents so CLIENTS/BUYERS/SELLERS need not worry, as we handle projects and information under STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY and FAIR MARKET VALUE. Because KelseyNCo Properties Online conforms with the Philippine RESA LAW. 

The Real Properties herein, are of clean title/s, unless otherwise stated. Properties listed are from its legal owners, developers, licensed broker listings, and exclusive authorized agent/s and/or administrators. Real Property PRICES are ACTUAL PRICES OF THE OWNER/ DEVELOPER and maybe subject to change-unless posting is of current date, so please inquire for the current price. As we protect the interest of the BUYERS, SELLERS, and OUR PROFESSION, WE DO NOT DISCLOSE LOCATION and other details, other than the one advertised on  KelseyNCoAllow us ONE (1) DAY ADVANCE NOTICE for a scheduled meeting with us. 

We do not accept payment/s in cash or in kind as a form of partial and/or full payment/s for the properties concerned without proper representation at the duly designated offices and/ or banks of the Developers and For Sale By OWNERS (FSBO). Thus, readers and/or buyers assume all the risks in taking part for a misrepresented transactions. 

As a Real Estate Accredited Agent/ Sales & Marketing Manager of the Strong Homes Realty, Fil-Estate, Empire East, FSBO, and Dealer of properties-WE CARE FOR YOUR DREAMS.
As such we would like to inform our BUYERS that ALL ADS under KelseyNCo "Properties Online" must undergo the following standard buying procedure:

1.  BUYERS to INQUIRE availability and schedule for a meeting, by calling or sending us an email at our VALID (and updated) contact details for your chosen property. Text inquiries are most welcome provided that you include your FULL NAME/ the ACTUAL FULL NAME OF THE BUYER, we prefer DIRECT BUYERS ONLY to transact with us.

2. BUYERS of For Sale by Owners (FSBO) may opt to email KelseyNCo a Letter of Intent so we could respond for the availability and the schedule of tripping/viewing and/or update with the current status of the property or you may call us and register Your name/ the Buyer's name to schedule for a tripping. As such, our FSBO owners would be advised to accommodate you for the said date, likewise if a schedule has been made and you'd want to cancel- please make sure to inform us immediately or a day before the tripping date. 

3. BUYERS of Residential or a Commercial Condominium may INQUIRE with us for the UPDATED STATUS/Availability of the property listed on KelseyNCo. For RESERVATIONS, BUYERS may opt to pay in the form of Post Dated Cheque under the name of the actual owner/ developer or in CASH at the cashier's office of the Developer.


For BANK Financing- buyers must be willing to undergo a credit check as may be required by the Developers/Bank.

For PAGIBIG Financing- buyers are advised to go to PAGIBIG Main Office or Satellite offices, and/or official website of PAGIBIG- to process individually the necessary requirements. 

CASH Buyers can pay at the Developer/ FSBO Owner at the agreed Bank.

4. Miscellaneous Fees, Down payment, and Reservation Fees maybe required from the Buyers for Condominium properties as a pre-requisite of Developers prior Move-in. YOUR PAYMENTS MUST BE UNDER THE NAME OF THE ACTUAL OWNER/DEVELOPER of the properties with the corresponding documentations.

5. Prices, designs, payment options are actual figures as of posting- and may be changed without prior notice from the Developer and Owner of FSBO properties. Please ask for a tripping of your chosen property to confirm actual designs and layout, and an updated payment option and computation, as the latter will serve as your payment schedule for any Residential/ Commercial Condominium you may opt to buy. FSBO buyers may request  for a tripping to confirm the actual status of the property.

6. BUYERS are required to pay a RESERVATION FEE on certain properties to reserve a unit/property (for a defined period of time); must check all contracts prior signing-as it maybe final and binding.

7. All payment transactions shall be ACCEPTED at the office/ actual site of the Developer or the FSBO agreed location/ bank with corresponding receipt issued by our Affiliates.

8. We prefer DIRECT BUYERS only. OCWs need to have a Special Power of Attorney, while Foreigners (Holding a Foreign Passport) can acquire Condominium Property. Requirements may vary based on the financing concern and payment option.
Girlie Vea, admin-writer of KelseynCo blog together with our contributing writer/ s, shall not be liable to any person for loss or damage incurred through any of the real property listings, products, and/or services as posted from our KelseynCo blog published in

If you have questions, suggestions and comments, and transactions to offer, please feel free to contact or email us.

Girlie Vea

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